Safari Beach Lodge is located in the secluded and beautiful Senga Hills Forest Reserve and is situated directly on the shore of Lake Malawi.

In this oasis of rest you can enjoy the local wildlife, among which baboons, hyrax (dassies) and monitor lizards and the many wonderful birds, among which fish eagles, king fishers, weavers and cormorants.

The forest and the lake combination make Safari Beach Lodge not only ideal for birdwatching and enjoying nature but also for swimming, canoeing, snorkelling, our boat safari, hiking in the forest reserve and ecotourism.



The clear waters of Lake Malawi are home to around 800 species of fish! Many of them are endemic to Lake Malawi. Most famous are the brightly coloured cichlids. We will provide you with snorkelling equipment so you can thoroughly enjoy the underwater world. Please join us on our boat to explore the fantastic snorkelling waters around nearby Lizard Island.


On our private beach there are several sit-on-top kayaks and life vests available for you to use. The beautiful beaches, the rocky coast and the fishing villages are a very nice experience indeed. It is also a perfect way to come close to the many beautiful birds!


Safari Beach Lodge is located in the Senga Hills Forest Reserve. This remote and beautiful location is not only very quiet, but also harbours very nice local wildlife. The lodge is home to a local family of vervet monkeys and among other species you can see hyrax (dassies) and monitor lizards.
And of course there are the many, many different birds among which fish eagles, weavers, king fishers, hamerkops, bee-eaters and herons.


Hiking in the Senga Hills Forest Reserve around Safari Beach Lodge is a worthwhile experience. Our tip is to take the trail up to the highest point in Senga Bay. You can follow our local guide and enjoy the stunning view of Leopard Bay, the lodge and the lake. On the way down the hill you can visit a local fishing village.

Boat Safari

One of our nicest trips is our boat safari. In our boat we will take you to nearby Lizard Island where you can see a cormorant colony and monitor lizards. At the island you can enjoy a nice meal and some drinks and have a look at the many special fish with our snorkelling equipment. On the way you are very likely to see fish eagles.


Malawians are well known for their friendliness. You can witness that by visiting a local market or a the fishing village close to the lodge.
We can arrange a guide for you or you can go to discover it all by yourself. Do not forget to have a look at the famous Malawian woodcarvings that are for sale in nearby roadside shops. Feel free to ask them to teach you some wood carving skills.